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To contact Scott about scheduling a private photo shoot, to book him to appear or speak, please call 717-507-7947 or send him email at

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"scottchurch is an outstanding photographer ... I am proud to have his art in my home!"
-Cee Lo Green

"Scott Church ha fatto della fotografia erotica il suo cavallo di battaglia"
-Sky Magazine, Italy

"ScottChurch is the most respectful and kind photographer i have ever had the pleasure to work with"
-ReneƩ Graziano, (VH1's Mob Wives)

"Hot photos. Keep on doing what you do. I see the love in your work."
-Big Daddy Kane

"Scott is very talented!!!"
-Evan Seinfeld

"ScottChurch is the only photographer i will ever work with again"
-Kool G Rap

"larger than large, bigger than big, 100% fucking live all the goddamn time."
-(international superstar) Cherry Pye

"The best photog on the east coast"
-Michelle Belle

"All other photographers suck"
-fetish Supermodel Betty Jaded

"The New Helmut Newton"
-Kyle Cassidy

Scott Church is a world renowned, internationally published, award winning fine art erotic portrait photographer. His work has been featured in dozens of media outlets and publications, including Playboy Magazine and, Penthouse Magazine, VH1, XXL Magazine, Latin Trends Magazine, The Science Channel's "Odd Folks Home",, Skin Too, Gothic Beauty, Secret Magazine, Leg Show, Men's Health, Temptress Magazine, Retro Lovely, and Fine Art PHOTO Magazine, along with many others.

He has published eight books of his photography which have been sold all around the world.

His photography workshops in places like London, Dublin, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Seattle, the Dominican Republic and others have been sell-out events attracting dozens of professional and amateur photographers at every location.

Even with all of these accomplishments, his day to day work is, by choice, with regular people, not professional models. He loves finding everyone's beauty, no matter the subject, and he shows his clients the utmost devotion and respect everyday. He still chooses to base his studio in the same small town he grew up in, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and keeps his prices low to allow everyone to enjoy what he does.

Scott truly loves photographing people, and making them feel as perfect and beautiful as he possibly can.

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A review of my first day with ScottChurch by Megan Hart

ScottChurch is an award winning Pennsylvania Glamour Photographer. If you're going to take your clothes off in front of someone you don't know, let it be scottchurch. I have said for the past year or so, ever since I discovered Scott's work (through an entry by the lovely resar, who had mentioned his gorgeous pictures) I've said that "when I make a big book deal, I'm having my picture taken by ScottChurch." So today I had my session with Scott.

Having been a reader of his LJ for some time, I have to say it was somewhat like meeting a celebrity. After all, this is THE scottchurch, here, and not only that, but his lovely assistant Terra! It was honestly like meeting someone famous, because I "knew" them a bit already and they didn't know me. I'd say they both know me bit better now. :)

Okay, so I didn't get nekkid. Photoshop might be my friend, but even so, what would I do with naked pics of myself? Really. They might sell more books...or not. Anyway, no I didn't get nekkid, but I did strip down to underwear.

Remember, I said Photoshop is my friend. Ahhh, the magic of wittling away the unwanted bulges and curves, the stray Brooke Shields' sasquatch eyebrows...yes. I love it. Scott edits some of the photos right there, so it's like magic watching him work to smooth wrinkles and whiten eyes. Not only are the pictures he takes great right off the bat, but he "fixes" them even more.

I'd like to say that I'm mostly okay with the fact my face has lines and I'm not uberskinny...but when you can make those things disappear subtlely, and not make yourself look like a different person, well, why not? Sure, there's a lot to be said about airbrushing models to make us women feel inadequate, but trust me my sisters when I say this: if you have your picture taken and someone CAN make you look better, well, heck. Are you gonna say NO?

If you're going to take your clothes off in front of someone you don't know, let it be scottchurch.

If you haven't checked out The Art of ScottChurch, please do so, now. When you've finished drooling, please return to this entry.

I have said for the past year or so, ever since I discovered Scott's work (through an entry by the lovely resar, who had mentioned his gorgeous pictures) I've said that "when I make a big book deal, I'm having my picture taken by Scott Church." It helps that we live in the same town. :) So. The deal's been made. Even if Harlequin doesn't want to use my purty face on the back of my books, I wanted some good author photos to use for publicity, my website, the backs of books...and just because. I wanted them.

I like having my picture taken. I am never happy with the result -- I'm too critical of myself to be really happy with the way I end up looking -- but I like being made to feel pretty and like a princess, and have someone fussing over me. So today I had my session with Scott.

I got to his studio about 11 am and left just before 3 pm, and it was some of the most fun I've had in awhile. Not quite on the level of Thunder From Down Under, but then, I was the one taking off my clothes, not him. :)

The atmosphere was casual and fun, but also very professional, and Scott clearly knows what he's doing. In all the photos he shot -- and I came home with all of them today, due to the wonders of digital photography,

I have to be honest and say there's not a bad one in the lot. More than a hundred shots and not a closed eye in one. Oh, sure, I'm pulling a few odd faces, but then, that's me. Terra assisted me with my makeup. Thinking on it, I'm not sure why I didn't do my own, other than again, it's like having someone make you look better than you make yourself look. So why not?

And then we started the pictures.

And we talked. About erotica. About art. About "those words." Innuendos were made. Pictures were shown. Clothes were removed.

I even got to meet Scott's wife. Lucky, lucky man! Surrounded all day by beautiful women at work AND at home!

So there I am, in my scanties, taking pictures. I didn't feel awkward or anything, though those shots are probably the ones I like least. They're wonderful pictures, don't get me wrong. I just don't like looking at myself in underwear. Even so, I'm glad he took them, because I felt good while they were being taken. It was a great experience.

So now I have to write a book about a photographer named Scott. Heh. HEH!!All in all,

if you can work with Scott, I say, DO IT! His prices are more than reasonable, and the pictures he takes are simply gorgeous. Even if you're not. And he makes you feel like a princess, really!


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