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My Books

Thirty Pieces Of Silver

My first book, although it was honestly nothing much more than a portfolio pamphlet. This has become one of the most collected and coveted examples of my published work. Released in 1999, the limited edition run of 500 sold out in only a few months. Since then those few copies have been circulated all over the world. I have seen them sold for 3 or 4 times the original price and it always makes me smile when I find another one on the auction block.

Sold Out


My love letter to all of the punk rock girls I have lusted after since I was a child. Published as a pocket book in 2003, this was a lark of a project that has gained quite a bit of notoriety. I consider this my introduction to the gothic and fetish community which has since all but taken over my work and my life.

This book has introduced me to so many wonderful people, and opened so many doors for me. I will always see it as a tiny but giant step forward in my art.

Sold Out

Good Luck In Hell

I consider this to be my first real book. It is also the first time I chose to publish other artists along with myself. The book includes my work along with the work of 3 other incredibly talented photographers, James Groves, L.C., and Viva Van Story. With more than 200 image pages it is quite a substantial collection of fetish, pin up, and erotic art.

I am so very proud and satisfied with this wonderful book.

Sold Out


My second big Group book, this was a problem child to say the least. Setbacks with printing and other production issues threw it into turmoil, but just as with everything, the day it arrived all that went away. Today I do nothing but smile when I see it.

Yup, it's sold out too.

Infimis Book Cover


Back on my own again with a huge, full color, 15 year retrospective collection. This one is a monster, and the best part can still buy one.

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Infimis Book Cover


An entire book of nothing but photographs of men? Yup, I did that. This is a two photographer collaboration with LC of MisfitStudios.

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So There Is No Doubt Book Cover

So There Is No Doubt

My 2013 portfolio update book.

Yup, you can buy this one too!

Capturing Beauty Book Cover

Capturing Beauty (eBook)

Want to know how I do the work I do? Check out my How-To ebook:



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